Staff Spotlight: Maggie Whittington

Meet Maggie!

Maggie Whittington is the Program Director of Brighter Bites Austin, where she works alongside several members of the programming staff who implement the Brighter Bites program at schools and camps across the city. Maggie joined Brighter Bites in January 2016, inspired by the organization’s focus on using fresh produce as a tool for teaching families about nutrition. Maggie loves so many things about her job, especially seeing kids in the Brighter Bites program get excited about fresh fruits and veggies!

Maggie grew up in San Antonio, TX, where she enjoyed playing soccer, riding horses, and making art. Before moving to Austin to work with Brighter Bites, Maggie lived in more cities than some people ever live in a lifetime! Washington, D.C., New York City, San Francisco, Rome, Madrid, Killarney, and New Orleans have all been home to her at some point, and her favorite places to travel to include Peru, Italy, California, Texas, and Louisiana. We definitely know who to call when we’re going on vacation!

When Maggie’s not on the job, you’ll most likely find her walking her dogs, cooking, or exploring Austin with her fiancé. Maggie enjoys Austin’s access to the outdoors as well as its close proximity to her family in San Antonio! If you’re ever in town and looking for a tasty bite, Maggie recommends trying Dai Due for a delicious farm-to-table meal and Pool Burger where the food is made in an Airstream trailer!

We hope you’ve enjoyed meeting Maggie as much as we love her leadership in Austin!