Meet our Austin Partners

Our primary partners in Austin are Hardie’s Fresh Foods and FreshPoint South Texas.

The Austin team tours a Hardie’s facility.

Hardie’s Fresh Foods, a for-profit produce distribution company, provides the operations support for the Austin program. They donate time, energy, and resources to help our program run each week. Hardie’s employees from various departments help us purchase, receive, and store produce in their warehouse and then build pallets and deliver all of the produce to our schools. Hardie’s Fresh Foods continues to play an integral part in the success and expansion of our program in Austin.

Hardie’s employee Jose helps position his truck to unload produce for a Brighter Bites bagging

FreshPoint South Texas provides support with sourcing and delivering produce from Mann Packing, Church Brothers, Pure Flavor, and Potandon, among others, each week. Working with FreshPoint South Texas has allowed us to increase the variety of produce in our bags and even work with local Texas farmers from time to time!

A student at Jordan Elementary holds the Caulilini donated by produce company Mann Packing.

This past year, Brighter Bites Austin took on the challenge of entering 10 new schools in addition to returning to two existing schools. As such, the teamwork of school principals, parent support specialists, and teachers became another one of our essential partnerships that played a huge role in the success of our programming. We are consistently blown away by the support and energy of the individuals leading and educating Austin’s youth! Learn about some of our staff and volunteer superstars here.

Volunteers gather for a group photo at Jordan Elementary, one of our new spring 2019 sites.

Of course, Austin’s great success this year is also due in large part to our dynamic team. You can learn all about the fantastic ladies who help the program shine in Austin in our special staff spotlight.

The Austin team pauses during a team meeting to a snap a pic.

We are so grateful to our incredible partners who generously support the Brighter Bites program in Austin, TX: Hardie’s Fresh Foods, FreshPoint South Texas, St. David’s Foundation, Walmart, and Target, among others. Sending a special thank you for all of our partners’ great generosity and support!

Students at Wooldridge Elementary prepared thank you posters for our partner Hardie’s Fresh Foods.